This is the sequel to Oggy and the Cockroaches when Oggy gets married with Olivia. Users can add more episodes to this list, however, they must follow the rules.

Season 1Edit

  1. Watch Over: The cockroaches are up to it, again, as Oggy's honeymoon turns into a horrible nightmare while trying to impress Olivia.
  2. Control Point: A new duo of cockroaches goes into Oggy's house, as the other cockroaches engage into a fight with them to decide who will [conquer] the house. Meanwhile, Oggy is having an fancy yet disturbing dinner while at their honeymoon with Olivia.
  3. Welcome to New York: Oggy is having a vacation with Bob, Jack and Olivia on New York. As Olivia is shopping, the cockroaches try to ruin things for Oggy, again.
  4. Pool Party: Oggy invites Jack and Olivia to a pool party. However, the cockroaches are there to ruin the party.
  5. Gumby Oggy: The cockroaches play a trick on Oggy that makes him walk like Gumby. Can Olivia return him to his old self?
  6. Jerky: Oggy accidentally drinks a potion that makes him jerky like Donny. Now he must help himself and find a way to make himself normal again. Meanwhile, the cockroaches play Pac-Man on their arcade cabinet.
  7. Spy vs. Spy vs. Oggy: Oggy gets transported to the TV while watching a Spy vs. Spy segment on Mad. Inside, he meets the spies who teach him something about the segments.