This is a game based off the show, no questions asked.


This is what you see everytime you boot up the game, after the game finishes loading:

We see a view of Oggy's big neighborhood, and hear smacking noises and crashing noises. We then see Oggy (with a flyswatter) chasing the cockroaches who are holding a wiener. Then they pass the Nintendo logo with Mario next to it. Oggy grabs the logo, accidentally spinning Mario. Oggy attempts to smash the cockroaches with the logo, but then throws it away. As Oggy leaves our sight, we hear a slam! We then cut to Oggy, who has just run into the Xilam logo. Oggy and the cockroaches then run into the kitchen. The cockroaches climb up onto a counter with the THX logo on it. We see Oggy charging towards the cockroaches, then we see Joey holding a pan with the Activision logo on it. He slams Oggy with it. As Oggy is bouncing around the house, we cut to outside, where a blimp saying "Programmed at Hocotate Interactive" hovers over his house (a reference to Pikmin). We then cut back inside to where Oggy lands in the oven. Dee Dee turns it on, and over the flames, we can see the Wayfoward logo (NOTE: A split second before Oggy gets burned, he has the same color scheme as Jack). Now covered in black, Oggy chases the cockroaches past the the words "Lisenced by Nintendo". The cockroaches now slide down the stairs, while Oggy follows them. As they slide, Marky tears off half of Oggy's fur, revealing underwear. Oggy then smashes the cockroaches, but then Joey points at the Nintendo 3DS logo. Then, all 4 burst through a theater screen, with characters from Super Mario, Zelda, PokeMon,Kirby,The amazing world of Gumball,Paw Patrol,Spongebob squarepants,Angry bird,Regular show,Adventure time,Kick Buttowski,Oscar Oasis,Steven universe,Dora the explorer,Mr Bean,Fairly Oddparents,Supa Strikas,Courage the cowardly dog,The Backyardigans,Rio,Jimmy Neutron,Phineas and ferb,Slugterra,rabbids invasion,bubble guppies,team umizoomi,Tom and Jerry,Grand Theft Auto laughing at Oggy in his underwear. Oggy tries to cover the embarrassment with the games logo. We then iris out, but not before one of the cockroaches makes a peace sign.