Oggy and the cockroaches Book 2 is a new show by Vonjared.

Season 1Edit

Episode Name Ep. No Description Winner
Joey Strikes Back


Joey tries to kill Oggy and get the refridgerator. Marky and Oggy
Robo- Party 2 Jack made a Robo Party for Oggy,Bob and Olivia to join. But Ackin spoils the party. Oggy and Bob

Trip to Alaska (Feauturing Olivia)

3 Oggy packs his winter coat for Olivia's Trip to Alsaka. Cockroaches
Bomb the Bob 4 Ackin tries to destroy Bob's New Baby, but he... Ackin
Big,Fat Lady Returns 5 Big, Fat Lady wants revenge on Oggy because of not loving her.

Oggy and Jack

Operation: A.C.K.I.N. 6 Oggy is planning to destroy Ackin's HQ. Oggy and the Cockroaches
Party of the Undead 7 Oggy invites Zombies for his party, but the cockroaches are freakin' out and trashes them out. Oggy and Zombies
Chocolates of DOOM! 8 Bob made cookies for the party but, unknown to the dog, there are TNTs in the cookies! Cockroaches

Transformers Convention (Feauturing Olivia)

9 Oggy and Olivia visit the Transformers Exibit, but bots Ogg and Jac are invading Oggy! Oggy, Olivia and Jac
The Last Straw 10 Jack found a new Oggy Invader: Oggy Evil! Oggy and Jack
Olive Olivia 11 Ackin wants to prank Oggy, but backfired on Olivia! Olivia
Lady K's Groceries 12 Lady K made her own grocery store! Cockroaches love it! Lady K and Cockroaches